An Open Invitation

Posted on July 22, 2019 in: General News

Life is frequently described as a journey - it has a beginning, an end, and along the way, there are important stopping-off places with countless vistas. The difference for us Catholic Christians, however, is that it is more than a journey; it is a pilgrimage. We are like pilgrims of old, traveling together towards a special place, praying as we go and supporting one another as we face the challenges along the way. Isn't there someone in your life whom you care enough about to invite to join us in our pilgrimage?   An invitation to come and hear more about the Catholic faith is not a pressure to come and join the Catholic faith. Inquiry Sessions are held each week so that those who wish to ask questions about the Catholic faith family can do so in an informal, non-pressured atmosphere. Not everyone who comes to an Inquiry Session makes a commitment to become part of the Catholic Church. Inquiry Sessions are just information sessions, not commitment sessions.  For more information, call RCIA at 534-2319 x 15.

RCIA is intended for:

* Those who have never been baptized in a faith tradition.  * Those baptized in a faith tradition other than Catholic. 

* Those baptized Catholic as infants who have been inactive since that time.


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