Retirement Planning: The Other Side

Posted on October 03, 2019 in: General News

We’ve all heard about the importance of planning for financial security in retirement, but how much time have you spent creating your “personal fulfillment plan”—that is, what you’ll do with your time and talents during this well-earned phase of life?  Our parishioner, Ed Eisenberg, from New True North Coaching will be presenting Retirement Planning: The Other Side, on Thursday, October 17 at 7:00 pm in Old Church Hall.  After working for several decades in large multi-national corporations, Ed accepted an early retirement offer and is on a mission to widely share his experience and research on this topic. His coaching specialty is helping retirees and pre-retirees to discover their calling, make the transition into retirement more seamlessly, and to reduce the stress and impact of one of life’s biggest changes.  Join us for this informative presentation.  Contact Ed at 400-7287 or via email at with any questions.


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