Mass Reservations are Discontinued!

Posted on September 03, 2020 in: General News

Over the past number of weeks, quite a few parishioners have requested that we discontinue the signing up for attendance at weekend Masses.  After prayerful consideration, beginning this weekend we will suspend signups.  However, there a few things of which to be aware:

  •  We will still maintain a contact tracing list.
  • With a maximum allowance of 150 attendees permitted at this time, the ushers will keep track of how many attend and when we achieve the maximum, the doors will be closed.  To assure admittance, one needs to be on time!
  • If closed out, you can either wait to attend another Mass or consider drive-by Communion at Noon.

 Hopefully, this system will be successful and we will move forward in a positive fashion.

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