Hello all; My name is Brianna Taylor and I am a junior at Hunterdon Central. As you know, those working in the medical field have needed to increase their hours and workloads with the arisen pandemic. To thank them for their services, I have decided to volunteer my time to help. Once I realized my desire to help, I took action. After speaking with Ms. Karen DiPaola, the head of the volunteering services at Hunterdon Healthcare, I had my answer. Due to Covid-19, she told me that I, unfortunately, would not be able to volunteer at the hospital. However, she told me I could donate goods to the staff and patients. Below is a small list of donations she told me were acceptable:
          -  Individually-wrapped baked goods (store-bought)
          -  Phone chargers for both staff and patients
          -  Knit hats/caps
          -  Thank-you cards and other sentiments
          -  Store-bought nut-free snacks

To help bolster the donations the Center will retrieve, I wanted to contact those at the church. Being part of a close knit community, I felt doing so would have a positive impact. With that said, I will be hosting donations for the Healthcare Center from April 18 to April 25 in the Narthex. A box will be labeled for this specific drive. I encourage everyone to please aid me in thanking the hardworking and talented staff at Hunterdon Healhcare for their determination to help end this crisis. Thank you all!


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