Welcome to SEEDS.  This blog shares real-life examples of faith in action – people living out the gospel in their every day lives.  We hope that these stories will take root in your heart and bear fruit in your own life and actions.  Further, that you will sow these SEEDS stories, sharing them with others as a way of spreading the good news of our Lord and encouraging a deepening of their faith.

SEEDS was borne out of a conversation between pastor Father Len and Deacon Candidate Mike Lavallato who was seeking a parish-based pastoral project required as part of his final year of formation.  Leveraging this electronic medium, we hope SEEDS will reach many who might not otherwise visit the parish website --  or connect stories of faith in action with the media, pop culture and every-day life situations.

If you have a story, experience or idea you’d like to include on SEEDS, please send a note to seeds@ollwhs.org along with any content (e.g., photos, video, web links or other material).


“Faith in action is love, and love in action is service. By transforming that faith into living acts of love, we put ourselves in contact with God Himself, with Jesus our Lord.”      --  St. Teresa of Calcutta

The Last Shall Be First

Posted on October 26, 2016

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing!”  This well-known adage often is attributed to legendary football coach, Vince Lombardi.  Well, it is evident that Mr. Lombardi never had the privilege of coaching long distance runners. At the 2016 Rio Olympic...

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“And the Winner Is … “

Posted on October 06, 2016

If you’ve ever watched one of those countless entertainment awards shows, you can’t help but notice the celebrity audience.  Every time a winner is announced, the camera zooms in and you can see the reactions from those around the recipient.  And as the winner approaches the st...

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A Spectacular Catch

Posted on October 02, 2016

About a month ago, the Florida State University football team visited a local middle school as part of their community service outreach.  As the team was having lunch in the cafeteria, FSU’s star wide receiver, Travis Rudolph, happened to notice a young boy sitting alone at a lunch table....

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