Youth Group

Description: The youth ministry provides an array of events for our teens and preteens, grades 6 through 12. Group activities are planned with input from the youth of our church. The Junior Youth Group includes grades 6 – 8 and the Senior Youth Group includes grades 9 –12. Some activities include all age groups.

There are three parts to the youth group ministry:

1. Social - Youth come together with their friends to do activities that they enjoy. Some past events include movie nights, bowling, trips to Great Adventure and Dorney Park, hanging out and playing games. Our parish facilities include a youth room with a television, pool table, ping pong table and comfortable furniture where our group hangs out. Some of our youth members have redecorated the youth room with beautiful hand painted murals and artistic works.

2. Service - The youth group members come together and provide services to the parish, the community, the country and the world. In the past the youth group has been involved in many service projects including a shoe drive, running activities at the Vacation Bible School, cooking and serving at the Shepherd's Meals, assisting with the Starfish Food Pantry needs, baking for the Consolation Ministry, and setting up facilities for the Interfaith Hospitality Network to name a few.

3. Spiritual - The group meets to pray, reflect and discuss the relevance of church in the real world. Members participate in the monthly Youth Masses together. Some members have attended the Diocese Youth Day and the Teen Outreach Program.

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